Sauntering, Our travels around the country

Maple Syrup Symposium (2007)

Terry's cross country bicycle trip

Bicycle Route

The highways we have traveled

Great places we stayed

What is Miles2ogo?

It happened to us, crazy but true.

So how did I end up in Texas  updated videos)


Sauntering tells the story of our journeys by car around the country. Each date with a link tells you were we where and what we were doing


Follow this link to see our travels during 2005    Follow this link to see our travels during 2006

Click on the state either in the table or on the map to see the roads that we have traveled

Alabama Colorado Hawaii Kansas Massachusetts Montana New Mexico Oklahoma South Dakota Virginia
Alaska Connecticut Idaho Kentucky Michigan Nebraska New York Oregon Tennessee Washington
Arizona Delaware Illinois Louisiana Minnesota Nevada North Carolina Pennsylvania Texas West Virginia
Arkansas Florida Indiana Maine Mississippi New Hampshire North Dakota Rhode Island Utah Wisconsin
California Georgia Iowa Maryland Missouri New Jersey Ohio South Carolina Vermont Wyoming

 The highways that are traced in BLACK are roads that we traveled before Christmas 2005, the highways that are traced in RED are 2006. Click on at state in the map to see a more detail of the roads