Sauntering, Our travels around the country

Maple Syrup Symposium (2007)

Terry's cross country bicycle trip

Bicycle Route

The highways we have traveled

Great places we stayed

What is Miles2ogo?

It happened to us, crazy but true.

So how did I end up in Texas  updated videos)

Location Amenities Nearby attractions

Bathtub Springs

Nutrioso, Arizona

Marilyn & Gary proprietors

Tent sites available

Fresh spring water

Internet access

2 dogs to play with and take on walks

 Hiking and fishing in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Mission Style on Milwaukee

Denver, Colorado

Julie and Pam  proprietors

The coolest house in Denver with all the music you would
ever want to listen to. Also, two great dogs, Duncan and Tarma who are always at the ready to go for a hike or lay down for a belly scratch. Great home cooked meals served on a gorgeous patio. High speed Internet access and cable TV.
 What else...Mountains.

Eddy Court
Fargo, North Dakota

Karen and Mitch proprietors

Private bedroom and full bath

Dining room serving ethnic specialties and traditional favorites

Internet access, Cable TV

See photos below

Don & Inez' home cooking

Fort Ambercrombie historic site

World's tallest oil can tower

Rossport Inn
Rossport, Ontario Canada.
Electric heat. Great fish dinners from the Inn's own fisherman. Well used rail road tracks just 30 yards from your front door.
Family Inn
Hazen, North Dakota
World's greatest Mother and Grandmother. Fine German and homestyle meals.  Wide open spaces, I mean wide open!
Fairway Inn
Minot, North Dakota
Kelly & Rick, proprietors
Full basement for guests with bathroom, cable TV and high-speed Internet access. Great home cooked meals. Great place for getting your pet fix with Lucy, Chloe, Pansy, and Stanley and a hamster who's name escapes us right now. The towns of Rugby and Grano, missle silos, and more wide open spaces.
Highlander Trail Inn
Hudson, Wisconsin
Jacie & Gregg, proprietors
World's largest TV and calmest Labrador puppy. Two great kids (Madison & Sam) to hang out with, play Mancala & Candyland with and go geocaching with. Minneapolis, Stillwater, and Red Wings (yes, of Red Wing shoe fame), MN. Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthplace at Pepin WI.
Straw Bale Inn
Belgrade, Montana
Jacquie & Bob proprietors
Straw bale house with wood heat. Great hospitality. The house is mostly done on the outside, but they don't have the inside done yet. Three great cats to keep you