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Day 48 July 8, 2006
Seat Time 6:50
Distance 82.81 miles  
Ave. Speed 12.1

Hudson, WI - Lake Wissota State Park, WI

Weather - rain in early AM that delayed our departure. Southwest wind, strong, clearing skies, and hot.

Mike phoned from Wissota State Park near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He made 82 miles on really hot day. How hot? Somewhere in the 86 degree range with no cooling breeze and considerable humidity. There might be thunderstorms toward morning. Lots of little hills, some steep enough that he had to drop down to his lowest gear.

They are trying to piece together a route using mostly county roads. They are again off the Adventure Cycling route and consequently making it up as they go along.

The countryside is pleasant. Mike said that at one point he could see six dairy farms at once. He stopped to take a picture. He zoomed in to frame the photo better. Even on full zoom he could still fit all six farms into the photo. Eventually you will see the photo. Stay tuned!

School is out and life in the campgrounds is a little different than back in Washington State when they were sometimes one of two or three groups. Tonight the campground was full but they were allowed to camp in the playground area.

Terry was thinking that he wanted to fortify his dinner of macaroni and cheese with a hot dog, but he didn't want to buy a whole package of hot dogs and have to throw most of them away.

He went on a tour of the campground and some people had some food leftover. He came back with a plate heaped with three ears of corn on the cob, some shrimp and oh yes, a few hot dogs. People had bought and cooked more than they could eat.

It is hard to come up with more food than a touring cyclist can eat!

He enjoyed his time off in the Minneapolis area.

Tomorrow he hopes to get to Rib Mountain State Park near Wausau, WI. Isn't Wausau that insurance company that used to have a lot of commercials?

Monday they will ride all day and camp somewhere.